About us

In 1894, this is the date of birth of the company Rizzo. In that year Joseph Rizzo, trader Coral Tower of Greek, with a large customer in Ciociaria, struck by the beauty of the area and, in particular, enjoying the benefits of Fiuggi, decided to open a shop in the thermal town of corals and cameos. Joseph carries on his activity with passion and competence, leaving, in the tragic period of the Second World War, the baton to his son Joseph. The Second World War saw a new impetus in the activity and expansion of the articles, that meet the tastes of a select clientele. Creations in gold and silver with semi-precious stones, pearls, corals, cameos; beautiful, always original, never banal. In the late 60s the witness is again picked up by a son, Antonio, who, with energy and new ideas diversifies and enriches the activities enthusiastically received by his friends - customers with great affection and loyalty year after year return Fiuggi. They have in the show room Rizzo a benchmark in which we find among friends and with friends, almost a circle of associates where to talk, joke and at the same time be followed, recommended choices and be sure to buy jewelry created on a personal basis. The adventure continues and the new millennium saw the young generation, Angelo and Joseph, alongside his father Antonio for new challenges ...




Shops and contacts


1) Corso Nuova Italia n. 15 / b


03014 - Fiuggi (FR)




Tel. 0775506471




2) Via Josè Maria Escriva snc


c / o Bonifacio VIII


03014 - Fiuggi (FR)






3) Via Marconi n. 10


80059 - Torre del Greco (NA)




Tel. 081/8818499


Email: rizzopreziosi@live.it


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